What You Should Do When Your Toilet Bowl Fills

Perhaps, when it comes to daily household activities, there is no greater sense of dread than watching the water go the opposite direction when you flush your toilet. You have a clog or toilet bowl fills, now what should you do?toilet bowl

It’s helpful to understand how toilets are constructed. The 2-inch plumbing pipe through which waste travels from the toilet bowl to your home’s drainpipe is called a colon. Shaped somewhat like a human colon, it twists and turns on its journey to the drain. Those sharp corners keep sewer gas and rodents from entering your home, but they also provide places where flushed waste can get stuck and clog your toilet.

When toilets clog, your best weapons are a plunger and 5-gallon bucket.

If your toilet bowl fills when flushed and the water stops before overflowing, wait a few minutes to see if the water drains. If it does, water is flowing past the clog but at a slow rate. While the water in the toilet bowl is at its lowest point, quickly empty a 5-gallon bucket of water into the bowl, taking care not to overflow the toilet. The force from a high volume of water is often enough to flush out the clog.
If your toilet bowl fills but fails to drain, it’s time to get out the plunger. For plunging to work, the water level in the toilet bowl must be higher than normal. Position the plunger in the bowl’s drain hole to create a seal and plunge vigorously several times.
If neither method works, call Black Mountain Plumbing Inc your plumbing professionals; don’t try additional home methods or you may damage the porcelain finish or damage the toilet seal.

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