Is Your Toilet Paper Leading You Into a Plumbing Disaster?

Toilet PaperYou flush your toilet and suddenly you are in a panic. The water is rising and not going down, will it overflow or stop? Is there anything more frustrating?  A great deal of damage can be caused by a simple clogged toilet, if it is not quickly fixed. Toilets get clogged for a myriad of reasons. Young children have an uncanny ability to flush things that get stuck in your toilet. There are times when that beautiful tree outside your window sends its’ roots right into your pipes. Another, often over looked reason for your toilet getting clogged is the kind of toilet paper you are using.


Most of the time people do not even think about their toilet paper as being the culprit in the clogging of their toilet. Manufacturers have been doing a great job of promoting their extra soft and extra strong toilet paper. But the truth of the matter is that while these may be of benefit to you, these same attributes may be cause a problem for your pipes as well as the rest of your sewer system. The risk could be even greater if you have older pipes.

You may not be aware that in some countries they do not flush anything, not even toilet paper. Of course here in America that is not an option. We have become accustom to the cleanliness and the convenience of flushing. So for us it becomes necessary to find the best toilet paper that does both protect our sewer system and pipes, as well getting the job it was intended for done.

Ideally our toilet paper needs to be strong enough to not fall apart when we use it. It should be soft to the touch and yet it needs to dissolve quickly so it will not clog our toilets. Although the Ultra Soft toilet paper that is being pushed today may make you fell good, your sensitive plumbing may have a different opinion. The toilet paper may have tested well in categories of softness and strength, but it just may not dissolve quickly enough for your plumbing.

If you find yourself often fighting with a plunger after a visit to the bathroom, it is time to search the Internet in order to find a toilet paper that meets your needs and is gentle on your plumbing. A test was run on toilet paper of 22 different types by Good Housekeeping. They ran test on one, two and three ply versions. They then ranked them each by absorbency, softness, strength, and what they deemed as “clogability”. Starting your search here would be a good idea. There are so many brands on the market today, including store brands, with a little effort you surly will find the best toilet paper for your needs.

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