The Reason Gate Valves Fail and Need Replaced

A gate valve is a type of stopper placed on a pipe system to block flow. These valves simply prevent the passage of liquid using a wedge that slides in and out of the pipe. In most cases, the gate valve is designed to be completely opened or completely closed.

corroded gate valve Black Mountain Plumbing

An old, corroded 3/4\” gate valve

Gate valves are rarely used as a means of flow control; they generally just stop flow completely or are unused. They tend to wear out over time and are often replaced with a ball valve which is a valve which checks flow by the seating of a spherical disc.

Ball Valve - Black Mountain Plumbing

New 3/4 Inch Full Port Ball Valve

Often corrosion causes the gate valve to not open correctly thus either completely stopping the flow of water or reducing it to a bare minimum.

Cutaway view of gate valve

A cut-a-way view of the inside of the gate valve ,it shows the gate in the closed position,reducing water flow to almost nothing.

A very common reason for gate valve failure is pictured below. The screw drive (made out of brass) deteriorated and was no longer attached to the gate making it possible to be raised .

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