Stopping Water Leaks Early Can Help You Save Big

Water Leaks

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Stop Water Leaks in Early


Whether it is the pipes behind your shower or the pipes leading to your bathtub or even under your kitchen sinks, the plumbing throughout your home is a simple and efficient system.

But in order for it to perform optimally the plumbing within your home needs maintenance, and at times it may even require assistance from a plumber in an emergency. There are times when a plumber is needed to stop a leak or to prevent major damage throughout your home. If a plumbing problem goes undetected or just left untreated, the increased cost to fix the plumbing issue can become quite substantial.


You should always be looking for leaks in your home just as a routine.

Your first line of defense at keeping costs low for plumbing issues that can arise from water damage is to be diligent in your observation for potential leaks. Obviously the sooner you identify a plumbing issue and repair it, the less impact it will have on your pocketbook, whether that be flooring, a section of drywall, or even fixtures. You might notice the water in your shower has changed in color or perhaps the water pressure seems low, this might be a signal that there may be a plumbing issue. Likewise if your shower is slow to drain you could have a plumbing problem. If you notice excessive water on the floor around your tub, damp walls in your bathroom long after you’ve used the tub or shower, or possibly even loose tiles from water damage, a plumbing issue is likely the cause. In the kitchen if your sinks are making a rattling noise when the water is running or if the water is discolored this to could indicate a plumbing issue that needs to be resolved.


Watch for the damage water can cause to your walls.

The water damage caused by a plumbing leak within your walls can cause a great deal of damage, if left untreated. There are times when the pipes that are within your walls may leak or even burst, this causes the wall itself to become moist and as the moisture makes its way through the wall, eventually you will notice wet spots. These wet spots are easily missed in the bathrooms, because hot baths and steamy showers can cause the same condition momentarily. However if after several hours the walls are not dry, you should investigate to see if you truly have a plumbing problem.

If you have been noticing a musty smell or perhaps a persistent wetness is possible that you have a leak. A professional will be able to find the leak and repair it in its early stages, saving you money, by only replacing small sections of your wall that may have already been damaged. Of course if left untreated over time the constant moisture could possibly lead to black mold. At that point in time you would also need the services of a mold remediation company and most likely will have to replace large sections of wall. These expenses can become quite costly. While it may only cost $400 or so to replace one hundred square feet of drywall, the mold remediation can easily run anywhere from $500-$3000.


Flooring and fixtures can also be damaged from Water Leaks.

Because water always flows downhill, damage to flooring is always a concern. Any leak in a bathroom or kitchen fixture can possibly cause pooling on or even under your floors. You may notice in your bathroom water pooling on the floor, not due to the normal splashing and spills of your bath or shower. Loose tiles next to the tub and shower are an indication that there is possible water damage from a leak.

A couple of things to look for in the kitchen, are discolored floorboards or warping of your floor, especially near the refrigerator, if it has a water line or near the dishwasher. The importance of finding a leak early can be seen when we look at cost. Hardwood floors may cost $12-$30 a square foot to replace. So obviously the less that has to be replaced the more money you will save. Remember you can only replace your flooring after the leak has been repaired. While replacing a single tile is not very expensive, if the leak has caused substantial damage to the subflooring in your bathroom the cost can soar. The cost to replace subflooring as well as the floorboards and new tiles can reach $1000 or even higher depending on how much needs to be repaired.

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