Call a Plumber to Service Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater


5 Reasons to Service Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater are thought to be the most efficient on-demand heaters in the market today. They consume little energy while providing the convenience and comfort of having hot water when needed. Although they are incredibly reliable and long lasting, they do face occasional issues which may require the attention of an experienced plumbing professional. Here are 5 issues which you will need to seek the help of a plumbing professional.

1. Unstable supply of power

Although they offer an admirable amount of energy efficiency, tankless water heaters gobble up a huge amount of energy within a short period. As a result, the electrical systems of older homes can be strained hence leading to dimming or flickering of lights. It’s essential that you call in an expert to check the fault and ensure that your home has enough power supply.

2. Intermittent hot water supply

Some home owners experience intermittent supply of hot and cold water while using their showers. This is a problem which can be solved by getting the flow rate of the water adjusted to below the heater’s minimum limit. The water heater will need to be properly positioned with regard to the person who is positioned above you. It’s hard for tankless water heaters to function well when they are located very close to each other.

3. Reduced heat of high pressure water

Most of those who upgrade their tankless water heating systems don’t realize that those systems may not work exactly as their older systems did. For instance, there might be difference in the rate at which hot water flows out of the system as it may take longer to get your bathtub filled than what your older system offered. In other instances, the water emanating from the system may not be as hot as it used to be because the water heater may not be able to keep with the high water pressure. More often, this can be solved by lowering the water pressure in order to achieve the same temperature as your older water heater.

4. Clicking noise coming out of the system

This is mainly attributed to a flow switch that is located inside the system. Normally, this switch activates and deactivates when water starts and stops flowing at the end of the system. The noise may be too faint to hear, depending on the acoustics in the locations which the tankless water heater is installed.

5. Water dripping from inside the water heater

This is an uncommon problem with modern tankless water heater, but when it occurs, you should not hesitate to ask for help from a plumber. The reasons why tankless water heater leak vary and could even be as a result of a loose valve or fittings and not the heating system.

The nature of the fault notwithstanding, you should hire a licensed plumbing company to rectify faults on your tankless water heater. Experienced professionals are experts in their fields and can fix the faults correctly for the first time. There are no shortage of reputable and experienced plumbing experts who can exceed your expectations.