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How to Keep San Diego Water Heaters Running Longer

Reducing The Risk Of Water Heater Failures [infographic] from Liz Kroft

Many property owners do not know exactly how crucial  San Diego water heaters can be till they, sadly, stop working. Similar to any other machine, water heaters are quite susceptible to wear and tear from constant usage. This implies that keeping San Diego water heaters in their best condition is of the utmost importance. Below are 5 pointers to bear in mind in order to extend their life and keep them in appropriate condition for as long as possible.


Just like the human body, the tank of the water heater has to be effectively insulated, especially in cold weather. Wrapping it with some type of insulation will make San Diego water heaters more energy-efficient and will enable them to swiftly heat up regardless of the cold ambient temperature. Also, insulation avoids the buildup of moisture which can contribute to corrosion in the tank. Nevertheless, any old sheet from the closet will not work correctly as the tank requires a special blanket for correct insulation. Fortunately, they can easily be purchased at a local hardware shop.

Watch the Valve on Your San Diego Water Heaters

San Diego water heaters

Explosions are a major threat with San Diego Water heaters. However, this does not imply that they are not designed with fail safes. If too much pressure is detected at the tank, the heater will activate a pressure release valve to stabilize the tank and keep it from disintegrating in a loud explosion. One good sign that the valve is in working condition is that the tank constantly releases excess water and steam. To prevent undesirable accidents, you have to make sure that this valve is at its functional condition at all times. Make sure that the valve is not covered in rust so you can turn it quickly in case of issues. Also, turning the valve in an “open” position is recommended in keeping it functional for a long time possible.

Bolt It Down

San Diego water heaters that are not properly attached are just accidents waiting to happen. If the tank was to fall over, it might cause the tank to spill hot water all over the place or even explode. When installing the tank, make sure to have it bolted to the wall or floor to decrease vibrations. Wrapping a strapping kit around the tank is another way of keeping it stable. It is likewise recommended to check if the tank is still fixed in place from time to time.

Minimize Clutter

A lot of homeowners tend to turn the area around their San Diego water heaters to a storage compartment of sorts. The clutter can accumulate moisture which causes deterioration in the tank and can even become fuel in case of a fire. To prevent this, allow for at least 3 feet of free space between the tank and other objects.

Avoid Sediment Buildup

Due to impurities in the water, a tank could gather sediments which cause corrosion. To keep the San Diego Water heaters in their best condition, it is best to require a plumbing and heating specialist to pry the tank open and get rid of the sediment buildup. Once cleaned, it is anticipated that the tank’s life-span can extend to several even more years conserving you on San Diego water heater repair works.



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