Plumbing Emergency? Here Are Steps to Take

When you have a plumbing emergency it is likely to involve clogged drains, damaged pipes or gas leaks. For this reason it is recommended that all homeowners should keep the contact information for an emergency plumber easily at hand. Make sure the emergency number works at all hours. After all possible emergencies occur after normal working hours. Your plumber needs to answer calls any time, day or night. Certainly you do not want a service that does not respond when asked to come at night or on a holiday.

The first thing you want to do is to minimize damage to your home. Stop the flow of water in your home by turning off the water at the shutoff valve. Make sure you know where it is and what tools you may need to get the water turned off. You should also learn to turn off the valve for any appliances. These are usually located under your sink, and toilet and in the back of the washer. If you can get all the water shut off before your plumber arrives, you may save a fortune in water damage costs.

If the problem you have is a pipe leak or broken pipe will need to get the water main turned off. Every plumbing emergency contractor will be very glad you took at least the minimum steps to limit further damage due to the emergency.

One of the problems that plumbing emergency contractors face are clogged drains. When a washing machine or dishwasher are turning out water at super speed, several gallons per minute, this can certainly become an emergency. Get the appliance turned off and stop the flow of water immediately, even before you call a plumber. Also make sure the electricity gets turned off to unplug the appliance. Clear out clogged drain and get your equipment working again, clean up all the water. No one wants a plumber or a homeowner to suffer an electric shock while moping up the water.

If you get a clogged or stopped up toilet reach inside the tank and push the stopper down to the valve seat and then turn off the water valve under and behind the toilet then call the plumbing emergency contractor. This is a problem that needs work now and you really don’t need a flood in your bathroom.

Gas leaks are the worst and most serious emergency. They can have deadly consequences. Even before you call a plumbing emergency contractoryou want to call 911 and get out of our house. If you know where the control valve is for the gas meter, shut it off. Not only do you need a plumber, but also the gas company for this type of Plumbing Emergency.

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