Eco-Friendly Mold Removal Tips

Mold Removal Tips San Diego CAFew things are quite as unpleasant as uncovering a patch of mold. You might have found it while innocently moving furniture, or while trying to track down the origins of an unpleasant smell, or in the process of searching for your lost favorite coffee cup. While your instinct might be to rain down fire and brimstone in the form of strong chemicals, there are some green options for managing mold that you should definitely consider, for your health as well as that of others in the household. You can also call in some mold cleaners if you don’t feel comfortable taking on this unwanted household visitor by yourself. Here are some mold removal tips that helps you.

First, you need to know that mold loves warm, moist conditions, and that it can penetrate well below the surface. If, for example, you notice mold on the wall, you should be aware that it may be inside the wall as well. You need to get the area to dry out; keeping the humidity in your home low is actually a great way to prevent mold. A dehumidifier can be the best option for controlling humidity levels, although some companies also make containers full of absorbent materials that you can set out to draw water out of the air.

You’ll need to be consistent and determined about bringing the humidity level down. In the short term, the goal is to stop mold growth. In the long term, you should be thinking about prevention, and you may want to take a look around the house to think about all your humidity controlling options. For example, you might need stronger fans in the bathroom and over the stove, and you could need to replace the weatherstripping around your windows. If your house is overshadowed by trees, it may be time for some strategic thinning. You should also clip undergrowth away from the walls of your home to provide lots of air circulation.

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