Miracles We Take for Granted

MiracleThere are modern miracles all around us that many of us take for granted. We have always had modern conveniences, running water, electricity, cars, and dishwashers. We just go through life barely noticing the miracle around us. Have you ever stopped to think what makes a plane fly? Or thought about the schooling of the people who have figured it out? We just complain about delays, security, baggage, food and cramped seating as we fly at 500 miles an hour across the state, country or world.
Flying is a miracle! So are much of our lives. Have you ever stopped to think about how to get water to drinking fountains and bathroom on the top story of a skyscraper? Is it pushed up from the bottom or pulled up from the top? Someone had to engineer it. How do the skyscrapers stand so tall and so straight? Another modern engineering miracle.
What about indoor plumbing in general? All it takes if you are having issues at home is a call to a plumber here in Aurora and your water is hot again, the pipes run smoothly and toilets and sink are in good repair. While it may be an inconvenience to take time off work while waiting for the plumber to arrive, the alternatives are much worse. We could carry water from the stream, use an outhouse and bath in cold ponds. We could wash our clothes on rocks and lay them to dry in the sun.
Electricity is probably the greatest miracle off all. Have you ever had the power go out for afternoon and been amazed at how our whole lives are run with electricity? The refrigerator, the stove, microwave, vacuum, dishwasher, heat, air conditioner, lights, computers, and televisions all run on power. How do your spend your time in such an outage? Never before in the history of the world have people had such luxuries, conveniences and comfort. We control the temperature of our homes and office with the push of a button! What temperature do you feel comfortable in? Set the thermostat to that number and you control the weather. No stoking stoves or hauling and chopping wood.
There are many things we all take for granted. Take time to be grateful. Look around you, it is a marvelous world full of all sorts of engineering marvels.

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Written by guest author, Art Gib.