8 Home Maintenance Tips— Hit or Miss?

In the last few years, everybody’s become a hacker. No, they’re not busting into computers and stealing state secrets. They’re up to something even more sinister — persuading you to take an everyday substance (say, toothpaste) you’ve used successfully for years (brushing teeth) and try to shine up your heirloom sterling with the stuff. (Fail! Toothpaste is too abrasive for this task, unlike … wait for it … silver polish.) However, we have to admit some of these tricks actually work, making home maintenance a little simpler and a lot more fun. Read how we rate 8 hacks.

1. Put a brick in your toilet tank to save water when you flush.
Our Verdict: MISS — Although this old hippie trick does technically reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet, you’ll be running a major risk of scraping the heck out of the tank and its innards. And with mandatory low-flow in all new toilet installation since 1992, you will also face the risk of not leaving enough water to flush at all.

2. White vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner for your countertops.
Our Verdict: NEAR MISS — While white vinegar is indeed excellent at freshening, degreasing, and other kitchen cleaning tasks, we have one strong caveat regarding its use. A mild form of acetic acid, vinegar is likely to damage stone counters. It tends to eat away at granite, marble, limestone, and the like, in a process known as “etching.”

3. Wrapping your showerhead in a vinegar-soaked cloth overnight removes limescale.
Our Verdict: HIT — Yes indeedy, this one does work. You will be pleasantly surprised at your newly clean and freer-flowing showerhead when you get up the next morning. Best of all, you’ll get great results without scrubbing, scraping, or using toxic chemicals in the confined space of your bathroom.

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