The Best Granite Countertop Alternatives for Your Home

Granite Countertop San Diego CAGranite is one of today’s most popular types of countertop, but it may not work in every situation or appeal to every person. If granite just doesn’t feel like the right fit for your home, finding attractive and high-value alternatives can seem difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of other choices that offer beauty, durability, and a great return on your investment. The following six countertops are highly popular granite countertop alternatives that can accommodate the budgets and preferences of most homeowners.

1. Marble

Marble countertops create an inviting and timeless look, whether you choose clean, classic white marble or one of the dozens of other colors available. The natural mineral deposits and impurities in this stone give rise to streaks, specks, and unusual patterns, which ensure that your countertop looks utterly unique. Some marble countertops may even be more affordable than their granite equivalents.

Compared to granite, marble is softer and more porous, so it can be more prone to scratching, etching, or staining. For some people, this means that marble is a high-maintenance choice. It’s true that you will need to clean up spills quickly and treat the surface every two years with a special sealer. However, if you can make peace with the fact that the appearance of your granite countertop will change slightly over time, marble can be a stunning option.

2. Quartz

If you love the idea of marble countertops but want an option that is a little more uniform or low-maintenance, engineered quartz countertops may be the perfect choice. Options such as CaesarStone and Silestone are made primarily of quartz, which is mixed with small amounts of resin to create a strong, minimally porous surface. Quartz countertops are available in a wide range of distinctive colors, and they offer more uniform patterns and colors than all-natural countertops.