Those Ghostly Sounds in Your Home May Be Your Plumbing

ghostly soundsHave you been startled in the early morning hours by a ghostly sounds through your house? During the night, do your children yell in panic because of the unknown creatures scurrying be hide the wall?  Do you hear water running when nobody turned a faucet or is your toilet flushing when there is not anyone in the bathroom? It may not be a mysterious supernatural entity but instead a problem with your household plumbing.  The source of the sound can sometimes be extremely difficult locate. The professional plumbers at Black Mountain Plumbing can help you to get to those hard to reach pipes and rid you of some of your ghosts. We are able to take care of those pesky plumbing noises you are unable to fix yourself. Of course if your pipes are already exposed or you can gain access easily without the destruction of your walls, it is possible that you can correct the situation on your own.

There is a way to locate where all that bothersome noise is coming from. Finding the source is as easy as turning on the water. With the water running, listen for the sound, follow it to the location and look for moving pipes, there may be more than one. When you have found the moving pipes, you may be able to ascertain the cause of the noise. Often it is just a loose clamp causing the problem. If you find that this is the case, consider yourself very lucky. Your ghostly sounds are an easy fix away. It may be possible to wedge a piece of rubber between the clamp and the pipe. The adding of the rubber wedge, in most cases will stop the noise issues you have been having. If the pipe however, is smacking against a wall, you will need to use a piece of wood to wedge between the pipe and the wall. It may also be advisable to use strapping to hold the pipe in place.

Phantom flushers are found in may homes.  This is when a toilet seems to flush on it’s own.  What is actually happening is the toilet tank re-filling as the water drains out of the tank and the water level gets low enough to trip the fill valve and the tank refills. This is called “Ghost” or “phantom” flushing and is usually a leak, the result of a worn rubber flapper that is allowing water to seep from the tank into the bowl and down the sewer. A poorly fitting flapper can waste a huge amount of water, and that can get expensive. An improperly adjusted flapper chain also could cause the problem.

Many other plumbing issues can create noise, not all as simple as above. When you are unable to locate the source of the noise problem, within your plumbing system, that is the time you should reach out to the professional plumbers at Black Mountain Plumbing. It is possible that you have a condition that professional plumber refer to as water hammer. When the flow of water through your pipes, is suddenly halted, you have the chance to have a water hammer condition. In a properly installed plumbing system you should have air chambers that prevent this from occurring. These air chambers absorb the water flow and reduce the noise level associated with water hammer. As time passes the air chambers are absorbed by the water within your pipes. When this happens your pipes will need to be properly drained. Your local professional plumber will be able to clear your waterlogged air chambers. This will of course relieve the noise caused by the water hammer condition.

There is no need to suffer any longer, with the annoying Ghostly Sounds that have been driving you crazy. Call Black Mountain Plumbing at (858) 536-4161 today! They are your professional plumbers.

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