Preparing Yourself For Earthquake Plumbing Damage

Earthquakes are something with which all of us live. An earthquake can be a devastating natural disaster but it can also be devastating to your plumbing.  After an earthquake, your house might be harmed and you might be without power or water. Your water and gas lines are definitely at risk. Luckily, you can get ready for an earthquake before it takes place to lessen the earthquake plumbing damage and the danger for injury both around and inside your home.

earthquake plumbing damageInstall earthquake shut-off valves. Emergency situation shut-off valves are valves that are specifically created to close and stop flow whenever noticeable seismic activity is identified. These valves can be set up on all water and gas lines and are very vital in preventing further damage to your home. Many valves will also cut off when there is an extreme flow as this would suggest a leakage or crack in the pipe triggered by an earthquake. Gas and water leaks can be very hazardous to you and your house so see to it that you hire licensed plumbers to install your earthquake shut-off valves.

Know where your gas meter is found. Even in the case of an earthquake or other emergencies, switch off your gas meter ONLY if you smell gas or hear gas leaking.

Have a earthquake plumbing damage specialistn change and secure old, rusted or loose pipes. Both plumbing and gas lines must be supported every 4 feet. Also, inspect plumbing connections to ensure you have no water leakages. Keeping your home in great repair is an important part of earthquake preparedness.

To help avoid your water heater from moving or toppling in an earthquake, strap it firmly to the wall studs in two places– the upper and lower one-third of the tank– with heavy bolts and metal tape. Be sure to place the lower strap a minimum of 4 inches above the thermostat controls.

Change rigid gas connections to water heating systems, stoves, clothes dryers and other gas home appliances with flexible (corrugated) stainless-steel gas adapters.

Check safety gadgets, such as smoke and carbon monoxide gas detectors, to ensure that they are functioning properly. Have additional batteries available.

Earthquake Plumbing Damage

After an earthquake, first check yourself and other for potential injuries and administer emergency treatment if needed. Inspect electrical, water and gas lines for damage. If your earthquake valve was activated, you will certainly have to call an expert to come turn it on. If you observe any lines are harmed or if you smell gas, shut off the valves and leave the home right away.

When living in California earthquakes are something that just can not be stayed clear of. Earthquakes can be devastating to affected people and homes, however if you prepare yourself and your home properly you can considerably reduce the risk of major damage. There are a number of steps to require to safeguard your home and the professionals at Black Mountain Plumbing, Inc can assist you with numerous of them. Our team has actually been setting up earthquake plumbing damage safety measures for several years and we wish to guarantee that all Californians are as well safeguarded as they can potentially be. Call today for a free consultation.