Drinking Water : Do You Know What Your Family Is Drinking?

Drinking WaterConsumer Alert:
Deteriorating Municipal Water Quality

Fact – The average municipal pool contains about 1.5 ppm of chlorine. Your area’s municipally treated tap water contains anywhere from 1 ppm to 2.5 ppm, up to 30% higher than the pools content.

Fact – The EPA, due to the passage of the Safe Drinking Water Act, requires every municipal water treatment plant to add disinfectants to the water supply in order to kill pathogens and microbial contaminants. Most of these chemicals that are being used by our cities are known to be cancer causing at certain levels.(See EPA study, 2003)

Fact – The average person absorbs the amount of chlorine equivalent of drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered tap water every day in a 10-minute shower through their skin and through inhalation.(See Dr. Lane Wallace study)

Fact – Chlorine and byproducts of chlorine are known to be a contributing factor in causing breast cancer.(See Dr. Wolf study, National Cancer Journal)

Fact – Chlorine and ammonia are known to dissolve copper pipes and corrode other metals.(See Professor Marc Edwards study and California Association of Specialty Contractors)

What can you do about it?

Black Mountain Plumbing is offering a professional grade solution with professional grade installation to existing customers at a special discount price.

Free Drinking Water Test

Your local certified technician will conduct a series of onsite drinking water tests to determine what’s in your drinking water.

Tests include:

Determining the amount of chlorine in your drinking water. The EPA recommends no more than 3ppm in your drinking water supply.

A TDS count will be conducted to determine the total dissolved solids in your drinking water.

A Hydrogen Sulfide test will be conducted. Hydrogen Sulfide is one cause of a “rotten egg” smell in the water supply.

An Iron test will be conducted. Iron will give the water a metallic taste.
A pH test will be conducted to determine the alkalinity/acidity of the water supply.

At the request of the customer, another drinking water test will be conducted, a bacteria test. This will check for a variety of bacteria such as e coli and crypt… determine the safety of your water supply. The results of this test will not be available for at least 48 hours. Several types of DIY drinking water tests are also available.

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