Why Area Real Estate Investors Need a Good Plumber?

Real Estate InvestorsWe all know how important it is to make everything okay when it comes to real estate investment. However, what most real estate investors failed to pay attention to is the need for a good plumber. To know more about this issue, check out the following article to help you understand the need for a good plumbing contractor. My goal with this article is that you as newer real estate investors can use this real life example and apply it to your business. Hopefully you are already applying the principles I will talk about, but if you aren’t, the following is what can happen in the nitty-gritty-non-guru world of real estate Investors.

Real Estate Investors Case Study: The Plumbing Problem that Kept on Giving

One of my top wholesalers brought  me a smokin’ hot deal. The deal was attractive in two ways. First, it was simply a quality wholesale deal. It was priced right in a great neighborhood. It allowed for the wholesaler to make money while also left plenty of meat on the bone for me. Second, he already had it sold to an interested party via land contract. We call real estate investors land contracts here in Michigan, but they’re also referred to as contract-for-deed, installment sales or owner financing.

There was a catch though, the end buyer needed to move in asap, and there just wasn’t enough time on their schedule to get  the house dewinterized and everything up and running. The wholesaler told me they wanted the house, but for their protection, they wanted the plumbing, electrical, hot water heater and furnace guaranteed for two weeks after utilities were turned on. This probably sounds crazy on my end (I plan on writing a blog article about this point alone next week), but I accepted those terms.