4 Easy Ways to Unclog Toilet

Unclog ToiletWe have all been there.  We flush the toilet and instead of going down the water goes nowhere or can even start to rise.  Even worse is if this happens at someone else’s home.  Have no fear,

Here are 4 Simple Ways You Can Unclog Toilet


1. The first way to unclog toilet is to do nothing let time do the work.

Just like all plumbing drains work with the force of gravity, so too does your toilet. Because the water in the toilet bowl has weight, it exerts pressure on the clog. Over time this pressure will often be enough to clear the clog. If you have the time to wait and have another bathroom to use in your home, try just waiting. Sometimes over night or even longer is needed for this method. After waiting, try flushing again. If it’s just a run of the mill clog (too much paper in most cases). You will find this method a surprisingly effective solution.

Warning: Be ready to stop the water flow when you do your test flush, just in case the clog has not been cleared by this method.

2. You can pour some hot water into the toilet. Wait a bit. Then Flush.

If time is an issue and you can not wait out the clog, you can give gravity a help by pouring a few cups of hot water into the toilet bowl. The people that use this technique say that the hot water helps to loosen the clog by breaking down the waste matter. It can’t hurt to try this method. However you must be aware, this does not mean you can pour boiling water into your toilet. Boiling water poured into your cold china toilet bowl is a good way to crack it and replacement can be costly.

3. Adding soap may be helpful. Wait as long as possible. Flush.

This is probably the preferred method when you’re at someone else’s home and wish to avoid breaking the news to your hosts that you have just clogged their toilet. The use of a few good squirts of dish soap is the most popular method. It can be hard to explain why you have the Palmolive in your hand as you head back to the bathroom. But it just may get you back to the party sooner. Others have reported that liquid hand soap and even shampoo have worked well to relieve the clog. It is believed that the soap helps to break down the waste quicker than water by it self. As always be ready to stop the water flow when you do your test flush, just in case to prevent any spillover.

4. The old stand by plunger.

You need to know that standard cup-type plungers do not work very well on toilets. They can not give you a proper seal over the toilet drain hole. So you want to use a flange plunger. These have a rubber sleeve that extends down below the domed cup section. The flanged plungers with an accordion-like boots work well also. Be sure the flange has not folded up into the boot as often happens. Lowering the plunger into the toilet bowl on an angle will allow the boot to fill with water and not trap air. Make sure that you have a good seal over the drain hole.

You want the plunger to work both on the up stroke and down stroke. Both directions will help to loosen the clog and unclog toilet. Remember to keep a good seal as you plunge. If you are unsuccessful after several tries, let the clog sit awhile and then try again. If after several tries you are still unable to free the clog or not able to unclog toilet it may be time to call a plumber.

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